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Chris Somers
a year ago

A superb festival run by people who are interested in bringing folks together to enjoy and celebrate MUSIC and community; the spirit of which is evident all over the town throughout the weekend.

Stacy McDowell
a year ago

This festival creates so much joy! We listened and participated in fabulous music from Friday afternoon until the early hours of Monday morning! So many incredible bands and musicians played. Also they just wandered around talking to all of us and joining in our local sessions when they weren't performing. It was magic. I can't wait for next year!

Steven Gilmore
a year ago

High Plains Tradition had an absolute blast playing the festival this year. This event is extremely well organized and the staff is exceptionally helpful and friendly.We highly recommend attending. Thanks for your hard work for the artists and for your community!

Sally O Sullivan
a year ago

It was a fantastic weekend can't wait for next year so well organised by Celine and Richie

Alice Dennehy
a year ago

Thank you for your commitment to the community of Iveragh. The connections made through music with young and old, the getting together, the quality of the music.. it was just fantastic. Thanks Celine and Ritchie for all the hard work!

Rosaleen and Peter Mullarkey
a year ago

Thank you Celine and Richie for your outstanding commitment to live music. Such a fantastic all-inclusive musical weekend for the whole family in a range of settings; indoor, outdoor, concert and casual sessions- we are thrilled that our children have had the opportunity locally to hear and see such a high caliber of musicianship across numerous genres. Live music is an experience in itself and something that you are part of as opposed to the listening experience only of recorded music. The amount of time, effort, preparation and attention to detail carried out by both of you has to recognised and applauded. It was a 'bringing together' of young, old, locals and people from further afield - all connected under the common banner of 'love of live music'. May it continue to grow and prosper.
'When the music stops, so does the dancing' (Brendan Kennelly). Míle buíochas, Rosaleen, Peter, Tom and Anna

Christine Casey
a year ago

What a fantastic come back by the Mountain Roots Music weekend. Absolutely electric. Celine& Richie you are both brilliant for organising such an enjoyable music weekend. Great praise to both of you& your volunteers. Looking forward to next year. Great to meet so many great musicians from Cork,Galway,US& locally. Fabulous

John & Gearoid Nyhan
a year ago

Thanks to all involved for all their hard work.
Special thanks to Celine and Richie for putting on an incredible weekend of great live music.
We really enjoyed every minute of it.

Karina Healy
a year ago

Just loved the music, the spirit, the people,
We are here since Oct 21 part time & it was our 1st time really feeling a sense of community. Well Done to all most especially Celene & Richie

Ann Landers
a year ago

Great to have ye back! Amazing weekend of music, great mix of bands, something for everyone, loved the music, poetry reading and the children who sang and played on the Fairfield on Saturday. The town was buzzing with live music. Well done to Celine and Ritchie and all the fabulous volunteers! See you all next year for more of the same!