Cahersiveen Mountain Roots 2023

What a great weekend of music and fun we had for our Return for our 7th year.

The weather favoured us, and everyone came together to create an incredible event. We extend our sincere appreciation to the Cahersiveen Community and Business Alliance for their invaluable support and input this year. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all our sponsors and supporters who wholeheartedly embraced this year's Roots. We are immensely grateful to the dedicated volunteers who played a vital role in ensuring the success and enjoyment of the event for all attendees. Your exceptional efforts truly made the weekend unforgettable.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the venues that enthusiastically joined us for Roots 2023. Thank you for your assistance and support throughout the planning and hosting of our 7th Roots Music Weekend. A special thank you goes out to all the local musicians and music enthusiasts who actively participated in this year's event. Your involvement was exceptional, showcasing the abundant local talent and the wealth of music that South Kerry possesses. We would also like to thank the musicians who traveled from various parts of the country and overseas to join us. Your contributions greatly enriched the diversity, enjoyment, and overall experience of the weekend. With music taking center stage during this year's Roots, it was truly inspiring to witness the interaction and engagement between musicians and music lovers throughout the entire weekend.

Furthermore, we extend our thanks to all the local businesses that provided accommodations, hospitality services, and support, effectively highlighting the amenities and points of interest in the area. We are grateful for the local businesses and artisans who continuously contribute to making Cahersiveen a vibrant and welcoming town, supporting events like this one. Your commitment is instrumental in ensuring the success of such occasions.

Open Session at the Eastend Bar. Photo Cormac Dineen

We started off as promised with Session at the Sauna and were joined by Paul Evans, Sean McGrath from the Galway Jam Circle and Kevin and Donal Peters. It was enjoyed by everyone and some local young talents took part also. The sound of the Pipes wafting around Cuas Crom was magical .. we have to do this again!

Then we went onto CAMOS for opening where we were joined By Rosaleen and Peter Mullarkey who had a fabulous set. Ger Wolfe captured us all as he sang and played his songs and music with his own unique style. 
Two awards were presented. 
One was to John Nyhan for his amazing commitment to Roots music performance, sharing of knowledge and involvement with bringing many many Bluegrass performers to come and play, not only in Kilworth, but assisting them to go on nationwide tours as well. There is only one John Nyhan and his dedication to Roots Music is commendable. 
Our other award went to our own local heroine, Mary Horgan. Mary's contribution to music Education, performance and appreciation has played a huge role here in South Kerry. Her knowledge and her willingness to share her talent and time has played a big part in many of our musical journeys

We then continued on with our Open Sessions at The Fertha, Murts and the East end Bar.Everyone enjoyed them by all accounts. A special mention to The Galway Jam Circle who were a great addition to this years weekend.


On the  Saturday morning, an open-air market with a performance stage nestled under the trees in the Fairfield, came alive with an array of musical talents. The air was filled with melodies as different age groups showcased their skills and shared their love for music.

Among the performers, the children of Sparrow Performing Arts took the stage and mesmerized the audience with their magical performances. These young artists, overflowing with talent and passion, captivated everyone with their energy and obvious love of performing. 

The stage with an "Open Mic " welcomed a diverse range of young musicians and confident teenagers. These talented individuals showcased their prowess with various instruments, demonstrating a level of accomplishment and confidence that belied their age. The melodies they produced resonated through the market, creating a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere.The confidence exhibited by the children and teenagers was truly remarkable. Their passion for music shone through their performances.

We welcomed guest performers that included Ger Wolfe and John Nyhan  who joined with local talents Peter and Rosaleen Mullarkey. We welcomed our new friends, The Galway Jam circle who took to the stage and entertained us not only as a group, but joined in with local and guest musicians and singers The harmonious blend of different musical genres, performed by artists of various age groups, added a dynamic and captivating element to the event. Spectators couldn't help but enjoy and partake in the music . Sunny McHinis joined us, playing and singing with his magic style. Adriano da Silva had us all transported to Brazil with his playing and Kathleen Golden bright us all home again with her wonderful rendition of the Spinning Wheel.

Sean Sugrue read poems from local poets, Sigerson Clifford and Paddy Bushe. The Poem "I am Kerry" Touched our hearts as we stood quietly under the trees and soaked up the words. We were also joined by Ukrainian friend Maria who has a truly wonderful voice and often join 


Overall, the open-air market held on a fine Saturday morning provided a platform for different age groups to share their musical talents. This vibrant gathering under the trees celebrated the power of music, youth, and artistic expression, leaving a lasting impression on all and set us in good stead for the rest of our weekend. The inclusivity and openess of the event met our mission and this inaugural event will be on the program going forward.

Saturday Afternoon Session at The  Eastend bar

It did not take long for everyone to kick off the session at the Eastend Bar. Our hosts John and Noreen made us all welcome and stools were lifted on high overheads and filled every available space to accommodate musician after musician who came to partake in the circle of songs and tunes. Young and not so young played and sang, locals and visitors were immersed in what was what a session enthusiast would describe as " A Mighty Session indeed". Gladly it continued on while some of us had to go to the next event.. Thanks to our new found friends "The Galway Jam circle" Who are without a doubt a talented bunch of unloving inclusive musicians and singers

The atmosphere was electric as the sold-out concert of the legendary Freddie White unfolded at the intimate venue known as The Haven. Lucky fans who had secured their coveted tickets were brimming with anticipation, knowing they were about to witness something truly magical.

With lights dimmed  on a low stage, Freddie took his place as a hush fell over the crowd with everyone eagerly awaiting the first notes of his guitar.

From the moment he strummed the strings, an enchanting spell was cast upon the audience. 

The intimate setting of The Haven allowed the music to envelop the room, creating an immersive experience 

The audience, captivated by Freddie's talent and genuine connection, responded with resounding applause and heartfelt cheers. 

Throughout the night, Freddie White took the audience on a journey through his rich repertoire, much to the joy of his fans who came   to celebrate this musical icon.



Thanks to Michael Hermann, Cormac Dineen , Christine Casey, Alan Landers and all who sent us in Photos and Videos 

 Exploring the Roots Music Trail on Saturday night was A Memorable Night of Music and fun

On a vibrant evening that celebrated the essence of roots music, a trail of music unfolded throughout the town. The Roots Music Trail came to life, captivating locals and visitors alike with its diverse lineup of talented bands. From classic roots favorites to new material, the trail lived up to expectation and was enjoyed my musicians and enthusiasts alike 

Strunky took the stage at The Anchor Bar. With their infectious energy and impeccable musicianship, they transported the audience back to the golden era of roots music. From '70s to '90s favourites, their performance was a appreciated by old and new fans alike .


Fiona Kennedy and her band arrived from Cork, bringing a wave of excitement to The Fertha bar. As Fiona showcased her recent album, including her new single "Find Me," the room was filled with anticipation. The crowd, including a large contingent of enthusiastic Cork supporters, eagerly absorbed the blend of roots rock and folk that resonated through Fiona's captivating voice. The atmosphere was electric as locals and visitors alike reveled in the soul-stirring music.


At Mike Murts,  The Dizzy Blues Band kicked off their weekend, igniting the venue with their passion for the blues. Their blend of classic blues tunes and original compositions electrified the room, much to the delight of their fans. Band members showcased their virtuosity and deep connection to this timeless genre. It was a night of blues-infused revelry that left everyone craving for more.


The trail provided a platform for talented musicians to showcase their craft, while also giving the audience a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of live music.

It was a testament to the enduring power of roots music.


 What a Night to Remember as High Plains Tradition returned to  Cahersiveen Mountain Roots at The Shebeen's Backroom

 A renowned Bluegrass band came to the Oldest newest Venue in Town – The Backroom at The Shebeen. This late-night gig became a mesmerizing journey into another world, captivating Bluegrass enthusiasts and dancers alike with its high-quality music and end-of-night revelry. 


The Backroom at The Shebeen, Cahersiveen's  musical haven, set the stage for a night of musical brilliance. Nestled in the heart of the town, this intimate venue exuded charm and a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for experiencing the captivating sounds of High Plains Tradition

The spirit of Bluegrass swept through the room.

The return of High Plains Tradition to the Cahersiveen Mountain Roots festival, hosted at The Shebeen's Backroom, was fantastic . The venue's intimate setting provided the perfect backdrop for an evening of high-quality music and spirited camaraderie. The captivating performance by High Plains Tradition transported the audience to another world, where the timeless beauty of Bluegrass took center stage.


Sunday.. The last Day... but by far not the least Day!

At the stunning O'Connell Memorial Church, the Blue Grass Group, High Plains tradition, graced the Sunday morning mass with their enchanting voices and soul-stirring gospel music.   The Blue Grass Group's exceptional vocal talent and instrumental prowess  with their heartfelt renditions of timeless gospel classics reverberated through the the church. The Blue Grass Group's contribution to the Sunday morning mass was nothing short of fantastic. We were so glad to have them back again

The early afternoon of Sunday during the Roots at Mike Murts witnessed a truly remarkable and unforgettable event: the wonderful John Nyhan special. He was surly the Driver of  the Folk Train that took us all on some journey that day, John Nyhan, a true master of Bluegrass and Folk, captivated the audience with his unique style of entertainment and education. With his vast knowledge of the genre and its legendary artists, John enthralled the crowd, leaving no stone unturned in sharing his passion and expertise. Accompanied by his talented son Gearoid, the special also featured a lineup of exceptional guests, including the multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Mick Power, the charismatic Sean McGrath, Our Own Sunny McHinis , Fiona Kennedy and Ger Wolfeand members of the renowned High Plains Tradition. The atmosphere was electric as an interested and highly entertained crowd gathered to witness this extraordinary musical journey. John Nyhan's performance on the Folk Train was a testament to his deep understanding and love for Bluegrass and Folk music, as well as his ability to engage and inspire his audience. The event served as a celebration of the genre's rich history and the incredible talent that continues to shape its vibrant landscape. It was an afternoon of pure delight and enlightenment, leaving everyone present with lasting memories and a renewed appreciation for the timeless artistry of Bluegrass and Folk music.

we were so glad to experience the magic of Bluegrass music with the return of the renowned High Plains Tradition at their late afternoon gig held at The Fertha Bar and Restaurant. This extraordinary group not only showcases their exceptional musical talents but also embodies the true essence of gentlemen who love connecting with their fans. As the fans gathered in anticipation, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement for an unforgettable afternoon. Some of us had the pleasure of indulging in a delightful meal thanks  the wonderful Allanah and her dedicated staff, for adding an extra touch of enjoyment to the occasion.

The High Plains Tradition, with their impeccable skills and unwavering passion, took to the stage, mesmerizing the audience with their unparalleled artistry. But it wasn't just about the music; it was about the sense of community and togetherness that permeated the venue. Families, friends, and individuals from all walks of life came together to celebrate and immerse themselves in the music

Adding to the already unforgettable experience, the group welcomed our very own Sunny Mc Hinis to the stage, who delivered a remarkable performance that left the crowd wanting more. It was a testament to the power of music to bring people together and create unforgettable memories.

 It was great to see people from different backgrounds and generations united by a shared love for the captivating sounds of Bluegrass. 

It was  a testament to the profound impact of High Plains Tradition and their ability to create an inclusive and memorable musical experience.

Sunny McHinis joins High Plains Tradition at The Fertha

Mac's Melting Pot Session

 We experienced the return of "Mac's Melting Pot" Open session at Mike Murts, early Sunday evening. This highly anticipated event, a firm favorite among musicians from diverse genres, backgrounds, ages, and cultures, once again brought together a harmonious gathering of talent. As the evening passed,  the vibrant sounds of music filled the air, captivating the hearts of music lovers young and old, locals and visitors alike.

The essence of "Mac's Melting Pot" lies in its ability to create a welcoming space where musicians come together to share their passion, collaborate, and celebrate the universal language of music. Regardless of experience or expertise, everyone is embraced, fostering a sense of community and artistic camaraderie that transcends boundaries.

Amidst the joyful melodies, an unexpected surprise graced the event when the Kerry Roses made a special appearance during their tour. This group of immensely talented and captivating ladies included our very own Kelsie Lang McCarthy, whose exceptional talents would later propel her to become the Kerry Rose who will represent Kerry at the highly anticipated Rose of Tralee Festival later this year. It was a proud moment for the community, witnessing one of their own flourish and shine on such a prestigious stage.

The energy in the air was electric as musicians and attendees alike  shared their love for music and the thrill of spontaneous collaborations while creating an atmosphere of pure celebration and inclusivity while creating a true sense of community.



Hank Wedel in Concert with Declan Sinnott at The Haven during Cahersiveen Mountain Roots Music was an extraordinary musical experience that left the audience spellbound. Hank Wedel, known for his soulful and captivating voice, joined forces with the immensely talented Declan Sinnott, a virtuoso guitarist and renowned musician. Together, they created a mesmerizing evening of music that touched the hearts of all who attended.

The Haven, nestled amidst the picturesque beauty of Cahersiveen, provided the perfect backdrop for this enchanting concert. As the audience settled in, anticipation filled the air, knowing they were about to witness a collaboration of extraordinary talent.

Hank's ability to connect with the audience was truly remarkable.

Accompanying Hank was the Declan Sinnott, whose masterful guitar skills and vocals  added  more depth and richness to the performance.  


As the evening progressed, the atmosphere within The Haven became electric. Applause and cheers filled the air, showing the deep appreciation the audience had for the artistry displayed on stage. The chemistry between Hank Wedel and Declan Sinnott was palpable, creating an undeniable energy that resonated throughout the venue.

We were lucky enough to get to enjoy their new release " Sleep Out On The Beach"


The Roots Trail Sunday reached new heights of musical excellence with the thrilling performance of The Dizzy Blues Band at Mike Murts once again. This dynamic band, known for their infectious energy and electrifying blues melodies, took the stage by storm, captivating the audience with their powerful performance. As the night unfolded, the excitement soared to another level when they were joined by the incredibly talented Fiona Kennedy, adding her soulful voice to the mix.

Mike Murts, with its intimate and vibrant atmosphere, provided the perfect setting for this extraordinary musical journey. The venue buzzed with anticipation as fans eagerly awaited The Dizzy Blues Band's arrival on stage. And when they did, their performance was nothing short of brilliant.


But the Roots Trail didn't stop there. Another highlight of the evening was the performance of Reverse the Hearse at the Fertha. This dynamic band, known for their unique fusion of genres and infectious energy, commanded the stage with their electrifying presence. Their vibrant melodies and irresistible beats had the audience on their feet, dancing and grooving to the rhythm.

The Fertha, with its lively atmosphere and vibrant ambiance, provided the perfect backdrop for Reverse the Hearse's performance. The venue pulsated with energy as the band delivered their high-energy set, infusing the air with their signature sound. New to Cahersiveen, they were a major hit.


Finally: Two Time Polka



The Shebeen Backroom Venue came alive with the infectious energy of Two Time Polka's late-night gig, creating an unforgettable experience for a packed house. As the band took the stage, the atmosphere was electric, and the anticipation palpable. From the first chord, the lively Cajun beats filled the air, igniting a fire within the audience that had them dancing, laughing, and singing along.

The Shebeen Backroom Venue, known for its intimate and lively ambiance, provided the perfect backdrop for this late-night musical extravaganza. The crowd, eager to immerse themselves in the joyous sounds of Two Time Polka, filled the venue, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. The dance floor quickly transformed into a swirling mass of enthusiastic dancers.

It was a heartwarming sight to see people once again enjoying live music in a late-night setting, creating an atmosphere of pure celebration and togetherness.

Two Time Polka's captivating performance was the catalyst that brought the venue to life. Their dynamic stage presence and infectious music had everyone on their feet, moving and grooving to the rhythm. .


Two Time Polka's late-night gig at The Shebeen Backroom Venue was a testament to the resilience and enduring spirit of live music. It symbolized the return to a sense of normalcy, where people could once again gather in a lively venue, dance, laugh, and enjoy the magic of a live band. 



This Years Program is Shown Below

What's on & Where

Friday April 28th

4 to 5.30pm: Session at The Sauna

Open Music Session at Cuas Crom

7 to 9pm: Opening at CAMOS 


Ger Wolfe

Rosaleen and Peter Mullarkey 

Clare Horgan and other guests

Open Sessions from 9pm at:

The Eastend Bar  


The Fertha 


Saturday April 29th

Music at The Market

10am to 2pm at Fairfield ( at the Community Centre if Wet)

Live Music....Informal interactive Workshops... poetry.... Coffee ...crafts....

Showcase with Sparrow Performing Arts


Open Session at

The Eastend Bar 3pm to 5pm




Freddie White in Concert.

Sold out

At The Haven 

Doors at 7pm to start at 7.30

Tickets €20


Roots Music Trail from 9.30pm



The Fertha:


The Anchor:



Late Night GiG at The Shebeen Backroom Venue 

Doors at 11pm      Bar Extension  tickets €10 ( no card reader available)




Sunday April 30th

11.30: Mass with High Plains Tradition 


12.30 to 2pm: The John Nyhan Special with guests at Murts 

3pm to 5pm:



5pm to 7pm

Open Session '

Mac's Melting Pot' at Murts


Concert with


and guest


at The Haven.

Doors at 7pm for a 7.30 Start. Tickets €20


Roots Music Trail

from 9.30pm:




Late Night GiG at The Shebeen Backroom Venue 

Doors at 11pm      Bar Extension  tickets €10 ( no card reader available)